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My favorite resouce is the Fias Co Farm website  www.fiascofarm.com 

Yahoo Groups: HolisticGoats , TotallyNaturalGoats 

For issues about breeding polled goats, visit the Yahoo Group  Polled Goat Genetics  

I moderate the Facebook group Holistic Goats & Goatcare

I also suggest the Facebook group Totally Natural Goats & More! for herbals.

Finally, while not exclusively holistic, I highly recommend The Nervous Homesteader group on Facebook.

An excellent website discussing color genetics is www.goatspots.com 

The International Fainting Goat Association

Myotonic Goat Registry  

The American Fainting Goat Organization

Favorite Sites & Groups:
    East West Agritourism 
Oak Hill Fainting Goats