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    East West Agritourism 
Oak Hill Fainting Goats    
East West Agritourism USA
Gardners, PA 17324
phone:  01.717.357.0591

East West Agritourism is home to East West Equestrian Arts and the Malabar Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Arabians.

Nafis Rafiq, Safin n Niya, Bahiya Mizan and Pasha Miriya are likely four of the last five Arabians in the USA with an unbroken damJilfan Sitam al Bulad bloodline. Tradition traces bloodlines and subgroups of horses through the maternal (dam) bloodline back to the original clan and family that bred that strain. These four have a mother's bloodline that traces all the way back to Syria to the Jilfan Sitam al Bulad (also spelled with other variations). 

They may* also be the last unbroken Jilfan Sitam al Bulad dam line globally. The clan that founded the Jilfan Sitam al Bulad line is from Syria north of Aleppo. The last news was that all contact with that clan was lost after the fall of 2016 bombings. *Purity and lines in Arabians can be very subjective 

These are also very rare Early American Foundation arabians. This means all their bloodlines come from horses imported into the USA before 1944. Truly american arabians. There are fewer than 1000 Early American Foundation Arabians of any bloodline.

Finally, these are rare Malabar arabians. Malabars are a strain bred for rare black color, good size, strong bodies and above-average calm intelligent minds with strong empathy for humans. These are throwbacks to the original "live in your tent" Arabians from history. There are only a few hundred breeding 25% or more Malabars remaining, and only three stallions.

Each of these qualities alone is rare.

Those three combined qualities make these four the last of the last and as rare as horses get.

There are many Arabians in the world. Why work so hard to save these four and continue their bloodline? 
This Jilfan Sitam al Bulad bloodline, and the Malabars and Early American Foundation arabians - all are at risk of vanishing and taking their unique DNA with them. Someday, that unique DNA could be the key to solving a horse disease. Or bringing back a valuable genetic trait.

These Jilfan horses are unusual. You have to meet them to fully appreciate just how much. They are conscious beings, intelligent, thoughtful, caring. Their empathy is very strong.  

East West welcomes partners in the preservation project.  These horses are a treasure for all horse lovers.  

Pregnancy lasts eleven months. A young horse must mature for several years before being bred. This will be long process, saving this bloodline, and must begin immediately. It will take a village to complete the task. You can be part of the Jilfan Sitam village. You can watch the mares bloom, foals be born, help with the naming, and follow their growth to adults.

We get one chance to save this bloodline.
Once they are gone, they can never be replaced or duplicated. Come join us in this exciting project!

Click "Help Preserve Now" to donate and join the Preservation Program family!

Learn more about the Arabians and the Preservation Program at East West Equestrian Arts.
Several other interesting horses also call East West Agritourism and East West Equestrian Arts home.

Sugar, Salty, Lacey, Malenna, Mr T and Lucky live at the Agritourism farm and regularly greet and interact with guests.

Unique horse experiences for guests:

All guests are offered an opportunity to meet and greet the East herd.  Guests mingle freely with the mares in the pasture with staff supervision, and are told about the history and personality of each resident.

Guests may also choose to reserve a Horse Etiquette lesson, a mounted Conscious Horsemanship lesson, or a guided trail ride through the local farms and orchards.  We offer full moon trail rides monthly also.  East West also offers tent pegging demonstrations and lessons.