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    East West Agritourism 
Oak Hill Fainting Goats    
East West Agritourism USA
Gardners, PA 17324
phone:  01.717.357.0591
Left is Catherine, the purebred Nubian goat.  Nubians are a dairy breed, selected to produce large amounts of milk, with much less muscle and no cashmere fiber.  Catherine was raised around children, and loves to greet and tease guests.

Right is Jasper, a neutered purebred fainting goat.  Jasper is not part of our breeding program.  He is a show goat and companion.
Many different breeds of chickens call East West home.   This is our heritage breed Buckeye rooster.  He leads his hens across the road every day for treats on the neighbor's deck.  So now you know why the chicken crossed the road.

East West also uses Muscovy ducks to control flies and slugs.  You can often find a pen of ducklings in the front yard.
These are some of the many banty chickens that run wild at East West.  The banties come in all assorted colors.  The hens sit several nests of eggs each year, so we always have new chicks during the warm months.  All the chickens will approach guests, and join you on the porch or peer in the window, looking for treats.  Sunrise is musical, with many roosters calling back and forth.
Runa (left) and Baron are our Great Pyrenese livestock guardian dogs.  Baron is mostly retired now (shhh, don't tell him)  as he is an advanced senior and slowing down a bit.

Both dogs share their time between the house and yard and fields.

If you hear them barking at night, it is likely they have spotted a fox or coyote or black bear and are warning them away from the farm.