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Located in scenic Adams County, Pennsylvania north of the historic Gettysburg battlefield, we raise MGR & IFGA registered myotonic or fainting goats.  Our goats are fed a natural diet of non-gmo chemical-free and/or organic grains and hay.  We also use the Dynamite line of supplements.  We have multiple generations of chemical and vaccine free goats, and have cleared any vaccinosis issues using homeopathy. We have a variety of colors, polled or horned, and blue or brown eyes.  Average heights are 20-24" at the shoulder-some can register as mini.  Our goats are perfect for the homestead, being easy to handle & contain, good mothers and naturally parasite resistant.  Twin kids are the norm.  Myotonics have the highest meat to bone ratio of any meat breed, often yielding 4:1.  This breed thrives on low input browse, and even nursing does need minimal grain.  Although classified as a meat breed, does will yield up to 6 cups of milk daily while still nursing kids.  Some also produce cashmere winter hair.  Oak Hill is a sustainable "beyond organic"  living evolving farm, with the focus on healthy soils and plants and co-thriving animals.  We are not certified organic for philosophical reasons. 
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What our customers are saying...
I purchased two weathers from Carrie Eastman in July 2010.  They are my first fainters.  They were an addition to my exsisting herd of 8 Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goats.  I was able to visit and meet the goats before bringing them home.  I was encouraged to visit often.  Carrie is very professional and had all the appropriate paperwork in order.  Her goats are healthy and well cared for.  She has very clean and safe accommodations for them and they have plenty of fresh air, sunshine and good pasture.  They are all cared for organically and chemical free as well.  The goats are all well socialized and easy to handle.  My two boys were the easiest integration into our herd that we've ever had.  Within just a few days they fit right in.  The goats have been healthy with no problems at all.  We have had no need for vaccinations or medications of any kind.  The fainters are some of the sweetest goats I've ever had!  They are very easy to handle and cuddle and they are becoming more and more affectionate each day.  They are also fainting more and more each day too!  We just adore the newest additions to our herd and look forward to many years of fun with them!
-Chris and Dianne Shoenfelt
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